Better Gravel Roads

Gravel roads are a very expensive road system. Dust and weathering result in material loss and is an unsustainable practice.

Ecobond Wearing Courses stabilize the top layer to about C3 or C2  (UCS/ITS and A19/Sil. Carbide aggregate loss) standards to provide a  durable water resistant wearing course that reduces aggregate loss  occurring due to traffic and environmental weathering creating an  ultra-slow wearing course.

Wearing can be predicted based on comparing abrasion and erosion  tests to untreated samples, structural layer durability should be  determined as per established cemented base course systems. This can  also be used in labour intensive erosion control for example on road  shoulders to reduce water ingress into the pavement structures and to  reduce edge breaks/aggregate loss. Labour intensive construction makes  relatively thin layers possible to construct (e.g. 30mm-75mm).



DuraGrav Short Brochure (pdf)