There are three kinds of stabilization that have been successful  historically, namely cement, lime and bitumen. All of these products  have known test methods and failure mechanisms, all of these products  also significantly increase the wet strength of stabilized aggregates.  We have become aware of over 40 alternative products for stabilization  on the market that do not improve the wet strength of the aggregates and  as such cannot be tested or classified according to sound engineering  methods. Ecobond is not one of these products, Ecobond is an improvement  on bitumen emulsion stabilization. 

Ecobond BSM is a synthetic resin reinforced bitumen emulsion

Ecobond BSM is a synthetic resin reinforced bitumen emulsion which  is mixed into an aggregate such as natural gravel or crushed stone for  the purpose of improving its engineering properties. Bitumen emulsion  stabilization has been used very successfully in many projects  worldwide, Ecobond improves the elastic strength (to counter  visco-elastic behaviour) and water resistance (to reduce moisture  sensitivity) of bitumen stabilized aggregates potentially allowing a  design engineer the option of achieving the desired properties at a  lower binder content (price), or utilizing a more durable design at a  similar price. Ecobond reinforced bitumen stabilization has shown its  worth in scores of commercial applications and thousands of laboratory  tests over the past 15 years in the SADC region, Europe and pilot  projects in the Middle East and Australia.


Ecobond BituForce Brochure (pdf)


Ecobond BituForce Short Brochure (pdf)


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