Ecobond roads and water applications

Ecobond improves road materials making roads:


  • Water resistant (reduced permeability)
  • Elastic (increased tensile strength)
  • More Durable (increased crushing strength)
  • More temperature resistant

Ecobond can carry the load!


 This Ecobond stabilized base has carried >50 million ES80 axle loads since 1996 and is still in excellent condition. 

 Ecobond’s strength makes durable roads at lower cost. 

Use sound engineering principles.


Design, test, construct and maintain roads using Ecobond per standard TG2/ 2014 and TMH/TRHs.

Ecobond has been certified by Agrement SA at CSIR for roads.

Ecobond can harvest, store and convey water.


 Ecobond can harvest rain where it falls and  store or convey it to where needed.  

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